Monday, December 12, 2011

Maggie on Monday


She's such a funny girl. Sometimes she's in my office and she'll maneuver herself under my desk. There's not really room for her, like under the kitchen table. It doesn't stop her, tho.

Maggie's eye dot action!

Not going anywhere.
The house isn't too terribly big--I don't have the space that I did at the River House. So if I'm going back 'n' forth between the office & kitchen & I'm not staying in one place, she'll come into the hallway and plant herself in the middle. She's resting her head on the lovely blue painter's tape along the hall carpet runner. So she doesn't slip 'n' slide.

From the other end of the hallway.

Nestled into the bushes.

Ever vigilant.
Unlike the River House, I have occasion to get unexpected visitors. Thus, Elder Lesueur (not pronounced Le-sewer, but Le-SWEE-er)  & Elder Huckzinger, 2 Mormon lads came to my porch. Yes, Mum--gentlemen callers. We had a delightful chat on the front porch & they were very sweet with Maggie & Tabby Bobcat. I gave them a box of chocolate truffles to take with them, which they left behind & then I realized, "D'OH! Caffeine! They wouldn't be eating chocolate."  Oh well! More chocolate for someone else who knows me.

Elder Lesueur taking Maggie's photo. It turns out he's from Mesa, AZ, home to the Brimhall clan. I asked if he knew them & he said his mother prolly did. So I emailed her--mostly just to tell her how nice it was to meet her son and that she can be very proud of him. And yes, she knows the Brimhalls. Small world!
 Another Outdoor Day

Where're you going, Mag?

Maggie debating whether to come up the ramp just yet . . . 

Maybe I'll stay here awhile.
 And what you can't see with the photos all that much is how she's sniffing the air:

And thus ends another exciting week in the life of my sweet Maggie.

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