Monday, April 9, 2012

Maggie on Monday

Maggie lying in the mulch on top of some sort of decorative grassy plant I have:



Then she gets up and walks around  . . .

Woah-woah-woah!  Where ya goin', Mag?

Coming back.

Can you see what she's heading toward? 

Striding along with such purpose. 

That's right: Tabby Bobcat.


Tum-de-dum.  Walking by.
Aaaaaand . . . 

Back up the ramp.
Last week I painted my kitchen & got a smaller table that Maggie can't sit under with her bed, so I moved her bed to the side:
Of course, I can't get to the sink when it's here!

Aaaaaand . . . 

Zzzzzz . . . . 

Sweet Maggie's paws.  :-)

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