Monday, April 16, 2012

Maggie on Monday

We've had some beautiful spring days--some a bit on the chilly side, which suits me just fine! Here's Maggie in the front yard:

Eye dots!

I normally give Maggie her food in a paper bowl because she doesn't like the sound of her tags hitting a metal bowl. But I ran out and so I put her food on a plate. I'm in the living room and I hear her nosing her food on the plate and pushing it off!

Silly girl!

Sitting down to eat. That's right. So I don't have to clean up!
When I'm in the kitchen at the sink or at the table, Maggie settles in under the table. It's too small to fit her bed under there, but she seems to do OK:

This past Friday, I baby sat nephew Rowan, who adores Maggie:

That's an empty water gun in Rowan's hand. 

Maggie looking pretty happy.  :-) 

See the look on her face?

Whatcha lookin' at, Mag?

Tabby at the watering bowl. Maggie's just waiting to see if she goes to her food bowl. THEN there's trouble!

Tabby Bobcat don't care. She's a badass. (Honey badger reference, warning: bad language).


Maggie continues to watch, ever vigilant!
You may have noticed the black tray under the water bowl. That's because Maggie is a SLOPPY drinker & dribbles water around the bowl. So instead of getting the mat wet, the tray collects the water.

I was getting her beef bones that she could suck the marrow out of, but the local grocery store doesn't have them, so I've been giving her ribs instead. I cut them into individual ones and freeze them. Whenever I have to leave, I give her one. And even if I don't go anywhere, she still gets one a day. She eats them on her sleeping bag in the LR. Now she's got me trained; she'll go and plop down on her sleeping bag and  then bark for a bone!  Can't fault her for that, can I? Such a smart girl.

P.S. In addition to being Maggie on Monday, it's an extra-special day: John Morgan's Birthday. Here's another past b-day post. Author of Grasshopper Notes, he is my boss, mentor, and dear friend. Make a WISH, JJJJ!  :-) H.

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