Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday for Mari

I've started several times today to post something, but I don't have anything from the book that I want to post. So then I thought I'd do something doggy in general. But then I started googling pixie bobs on YouTube. This is what Tabby Bobcat is. And then I saw this video of a cat with a pit bull & a sharpei that looks a lot like her:

I have been struggling with the book a bit. When I first thought of doing a book, it was just going to be a blog book of all the M&M Mondays. And then it turned into Healing Dogs with Love and it was more than just about Maggie & Millie. It was more than just a few copies for all the people who would want a hard copy collection of M&M Mondays. And by "all the people," I mean Mari and me.  So I've decided this: I'm going to continue Healing Dogs with Love. In fact, I'm getting ready to submit it to a publisher, so fingers crossed!  In the meantime, I'm also going to do a blog book. It's just a matter of sifting thru all those posts to upload them to Blurb.

I've been meaning to do a Blurb book for each year of my blog. Well, I did the first year! 4 more to go in addition to doing one just for M&M Mondays. I better get crack-a-lackin'!  :-)

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