Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Walkies with Bingo

Bingo and I are creating our little daily rituals. First thing in the morning I feed her and then we go for a walk. "Walkies!" I say, and she gets all excited. I have a Bingo station by the door with leash, treats, and other accouterments. I stand at the door and she circles around me once and then sits down and I put her collar and leash on her. Here's our walk yesterday afternoon:

Down to the lake.


One of my favourite views.

Multi-coloured chairs & one for the little one!

Across the road to head back up.

"What's that?"

And this morning's walk:

Down to the lake.

Misty morning.

Favourite view.

I don't have any pix when we go past the lake. Mostly to find a woodsy area where I don't have to use the plastic bag stuffed in my pocket!

On our way back home, toward the lake.

Another shot of the lake. 
Favourite chairs.

I have a lot of lake pictures, but I'm really appreciating the beauty of it. I wouldn't take the time or effort if it weren't for Bingo. She's definitely motivating me to walk down there.  :-)

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