Sunday, October 28, 2012


Nephew Ro LOVES Bingo. He calls her Mango.
Mum: I quite like Mango!
Brother Atlasta: It's Dingo.

Anyway, Ro likes to walk her "by mysep." She's so good with him!

Heading up the driveway.

She doesn't pull.

Saying hullo to Tabby. "Watch your phalanges, Rowan!" I say when he's around the cat.

Heading back toward the house.

Ro runs everywhere!
Trying to get Bingo to go up Maggie's ramp.
Bingo set Rowan straight: we always go to the back yard after we're in the front. 

They're BOTH looking down: "What's this?"

Ro says, "Tum on, Mango!" 

Tabby comes to join them. 


Back up to the house. Tabby leads the way.

And sits on the porch . . . 

Ro waits behind Tabby for Bingo to come up the stairs.
 A coupla days later, we popped over to chiro-sister's & Ro wanted to walk Bingo, of course:

Running down the hill together.
 Mum is at Ruth's doing some construction in the basement; drywall & whatnot:

Bingo says hello to Mum as she's working.

In the back yard. Hullo.

Bingo!  Hullo.  :-)
 In preparation of Hurricane Sandy, I gave Bingo a bath. If my power goes out, I want her to be clean & fluffy so I don't have to hear the she-smells-like-a-dog comments. As I've mentioned before, she's not a fan of the bath. I got a new hand held shower because I thought it might make it easier for her baths. Meh. She doesn't have to stand in water, but it's still not so easy. She wouldn't come down the hallway even with the promise of cheese in my hand beckoning her. So I pulled out the big guns & unscrewed the lid off her peanut butter jar. Well. That did it! She clicky-clacked down the hallway to the bathroom. It seems she will do anything for peanut butter. Good to know! Once in the tub, I smeared the peanut butter all along the top of the bathtub so she could happily lick while I got her all soapy & wet. [Insert eye-roll from Mum & an Eeewwww!] The actual bathing part doesn't take too long; it's all the preparation and then coaxing into the tub, keeping in the tub, and then letting her shake water all over the bathroom once out of the tub/drying off, and then the cleaning of the bathroom post Bingo-bath. Phew! Done.

Will have more autumny-pix in the next post. Even with the impending doom of a hurricane, we've had some really BEAUTIFUL days!

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