Monday, October 1, 2012


We are starting to get some fallish days.  I've been mixing it up with our walks; sometimes we go in the backyard down thru the woods toward the lake:

Tabby Bobcat likes to join us.

I see hearts wherever I go.

Back toward the house.
We went for a vizzie to Rita's:
Mum had a hair appointment & I left Bingo to play. Mum stopped by after her appointment & the first thing she said was, "Bingo & Dana are such good friends!" 
 Walking down to the lake:

Last night we went for a vizzie to Brother Atlasta's:
Bingo making herself at home with Sally.

Belly rubs from Zoe.

And more belly rubs!


She LOVES my brother!!!  Who says that she has gained a bit of weight. Oops.
 Bingo & I popped over  to Mum's and watched The Good Wife premiere. During a commercial, Mum popped next door to Brother Atlasta's & Bingo followed her to the door:
Bingo LOVES Mum!!!

 And then she sat down to wait for her return:

Mum will make me take this picture down, but for now, here is her return!
With cookie in hand.
 Wishful thinking on Bingo's part, as she licks her chops:

And gives Mum those puppy dog eyes:
Bingo says,"Don't mind me. I'll just sit here & drool."   Hahahaha

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