Monday, October 22, 2012

Bingo Monday

Mum: I thought you weren't eating ice cream.
Me: I'm not. Except when I am.

And lucky Bingo . . .

. . . gets to lick out the container.

Slurp. (Photo doctored by John Morgan--no link).
YUM. And somebody needs a pedicure!
Last week, Tuesday to be precise, fall officially began. Something shifted, and all of a sudden, the trees were showing off their fall foilage. Here's Bingo heading into the woods in the back yard:

GLORIOUS tulip poplar trees.

Red bud leaf.  :-)
 Heading up the driveway:

 More leaves:

Another jaunt to the back yard:
Tabby Bobcat leading the way.

See that brilliant red leaf that is hanging over Tabby? It's poison ivy.
I was trying to get him out of it, but of course he was having none of it. Plus I'm wrangling Bingo on her leash while simultaneously trying to get a good photo! This must be my lame super power. Anyway, the thing about animals going thru poison ivy is that the oil from the leaves gets on their fur, so even if they don't get poison ivy, if you pet them, you can get it.

And back to Bingo. I just got a 25 lb. bag of Pamela's GF bread flour mix. I was transferring it to containers and I spilled some on Bingo:
She didn't mind, and perhaps you can't see it--but the flour is on her ear & sprinkled onto her back. It reminded me of a time I had a similar mishap with my dog Barkley when I was making bread, only she was COVERED, poor thing!
On another walk in the back:
See Tabby eyeing the leash?
 This is what he does:

The purpose of the leash is for his amusement. 
Bingo got her first adjustment from chiro-sis Ruth yesterday:
Ruth palpating.
Click-click with the activator.

More palpating.

How ya doin', Bingo?

Ruth muscle-checking that Bingo doesn't need any more treatment.
My dear friend from Luray, Lena, came for a vizzie this weekend. Sorry--no pix of her with Bingo. She has known all my dogs: Barkley & Remi, Maggie & Millie, and now Bingo--whom she adores! We went to Petco together and she helped me pick out some nail clippers so I can clip Bingo's nails. Lena showed me how--no pictures, tho because I had to hold Bingo. Poor thing! She was not a fan! I was giving her treats as Lena was doing it, and she was getting my hand all spitty while I was trying to hold her still. I'll have to get a close-up photo of Bingo's back legs, because she has dew claws on all her legs, including her hind legs. It almost looks like she has opposable thumbs back there. Anyway, Lena said I need to clip every week. We'll see how that goes! And that was our week; enjoying walks and the beautiful fall colours. I have scads more pix, but I'm going to save them for another post so that I can get this blog post posted!

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