Monday, January 7, 2013

HAPPY New Year!

Well. It's been quite the Christmas-New Year Season!  I spent it in my jammies between the bed & my recliner. This was my view:

I hadn't really used it until I got sick. It's kinda Tabby Bobcat's domain, tho. So as soon as I got settled, he hopped up. 

When I get up, I do a ninja-maneuver of him off my lap so that he stays on the blanket and I put him back down on the recliner:
This is not his disapproval or a protest. He's just yawning--but he looks ferocious, doesn't he?!

Brother Atlasta popped by & fixed my bedroom door so that Tabby couldn't body slam his way in. The bedroom is a pet-free zone, but he's not deterred from getting in there!

Bingo LOVES Atlasta!  Ooooh, belly rubs!

Zzzzz . . . .
When I was sick, it was really hard to take her for her walks. I was winded just getting out of bed, and I couldn't catch my breath. Chiro-sis came over & walked her for me; a special treat because she took her down the street to the lake, which we've not done in a while. Neighbor-friend Rita also took her for a bit, so she got to play with Dana & Roy and have a sleep-over. 

On Day 5, Ruth adjusted me & gave me some colloidal silver. Within half an hour I could walk without getting winded. She gave me a Vitamin C cocktail to sip on. That was the turning point of getting better. I had a fever for about a week, but I didn't get winded after that. So we're back to taking long walks in the woods:

Bingo sniffing something out. Note cute paw action:

She does this very cute thing; she LOVES to run. She knows how long the leash is, so she'll run-run-run and stop and wait for me to catch up. Then she'll run-run-run again. Sometimes she'll wait for me to get ahead of her and then she can run in doubley. 

Down here in the woods is where she does her business. One of the advantages to this is no bags. So this is the spot. I take treats with me so that as soon as she goes, she gets a treat. It didn't take long for her to make the connection: Potty = treat.  Except that I use these little Zuke's training treats, which are kinda small. In the house, she'll eat them off the floor. But in the woods if she doesn't catch them, they blend. So then I was putting them in my hand and she would gobble them up. Except then I'm left with a dog-spitty hand. Eeewwww. So now I have a small plate in my pocket & I put a few treats on there:

I was trying to get a pic of Tabby & Bingo going down the walk together, but I wasn't fast enough:

Pic from yesterday afternoon:
Yes, afternoon sun is the worst for photos. Yes, Bingo looks like a black blob. Ha!
And that has been our week. Bingo is her normal, cheerful self. And Tabby is his normal, cat-self. I'm on the mend and all is well.  :-)  

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