Saturday, January 19, 2013


Well I know when I get an email asking if I'm OK that I've really neglected the blog!  Sorry for the lack of posts. My job with John Morgan Seminars is my #1 priority thru mid-April-ish, so everything else takes a back seat. It has been made more challenging having been sick. I'm fully recovered, but am still playing catch up. I am planning to move the mountain of recycling out of my kitchen today and do some other housekeeping-type things. So I thought I'd post a few pix of Bingo & Tabby from before the snow. And then I'll do another post on Monday with some snowy pix. So without further ado . . .

 Bingo doing the paw-raise-stop-'n'-sniff. Tabby by her side.


Tabby walks along a fallen branch.

Geese down on the lake.
 Back inside:
Bingo gets to lick out the crock pot. Mum is going to see this and swear never to eat anything I cook in there again!  Haha That's what the dishwasher sanitize thing is for.

We had a night of thunder, so I brought Bingo's bed into my room so she could sleep with me. I took her bed and put it outside my room and was going to take it back to the LR, but:
Bingo all cozy on her bed. 

But she doesn't like the flash!

Zzzzzz . . . .
 She likes it there, so there it stays. The majority of my day is spent in my office.

Bingo gets to eat the rest of my lunch.  Keanu
 And then I go get my post-lunch, afternoon cup of tea and when I come back:
Tabby Bobcat. Usurper of my chair. 

Tabby, do you mind? 

Leaping out. 
 Whenever Bingo wants something, she comes to me & sits:
Whatcha want, sweetie? 
Tabby, Usurper of dog bed. 
 Our last pre-snow walk:
Bingo surveys the cows across the road. 


There's a little beagle-ish dog across the road sometimes on a line. Bingo doesn't miss a thing!

Sniffing the air.

Such a dignified profile!

We'll be back on Monday with some snowy pix. Have a GREAT weekend!  :-) H.

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