Thursday, January 31, 2013

Seinfeld Ketchup Episode

I was talking to one of my radio guys on his cell this a.m. & he couldn't put me on speaker because it had ketchup on it from when his wife put ketchup in the cup holder of his car. As he's walking into the GM's office, this was the exchange:

Radio Guy: Who the hell puts ketchup in a cup holder?
GM: Your wife. 

So I wrote this for him:

Seinfeld Ketchup Episode
Scene 1, in Jerry's apartment:

Jerry in apartment on cell phone with George: I'm waiting for Kramer to go pick up his car. Hang on George, let me put you on speaker. [looks at phone] What is THIS?
George: What?
Jerry: It looks like ketchup.
George: Is it ketchup or catsup? I never know the difference.
Jerry: How did I get ketchup on my phone? 
[Enter Kramer]  Hey. You ready?
Jerry: OK, George. Kramer's here. I'll talk to you later. 

Scene 2, in car:
Kramer: Can we go thru the drive thru again on our way?
Jerry: Can't I drop you off & then you go?
Kramer: But I've already got my ketchup in here.
Jerry: Well, take it with you.
Kramer: Well, I can't Jerry. It's already in the cup holder.
Jerry: In the cup holder? Who puts ketchup in the cup holder?!
Kramer: Well where else was I supposed to put it? Cup holders are for drinks and food, Jerry. Everyone knows that.
Jerry: Kramerrrrrr.  It's where I put my phone!  Ohhhh....That's why I have ketchup on my phone!
[End scene] 

Don't tell your wife I turned her into Kramer.  ;-)


Anonymous said...

That actually does sound ike a Seinfeld episode. Good job! You missed your calling!

Labyrinth Gal said...

Newman? ;-)

Thanks for your kinds words, "Anonymous." I know you're not my mother because she doesn't know how to leave a comment. Nice to hear from someone in the Blogosphere. :-) H.