Monday, May 6, 2013

Bingo: Dog, Tree Climber

It's been a quiet week with Bingo. I was away for a few days, so Bingo went to the Wilton Hilton. Here are some pix from our Sunday afternoon walk:

T-Bob joins us: 

Bingo chowing down on grass:


Such a gorgeous profile:

Back down the driveway:

 Tabby comes to join us:

I was trying to get Bingo to sit in the center of the labyrinth:
This was the best photo out of the lot.
 And then Tabby came bounding toward Bingo.
Blurry, but it was a bit of excitement!
OK, here's the tree-climbing portion of the post:
Bingo has apparently caught the scent of a squirrel.
 Get the squirrel, Bingo!

Look at that wrinkled brow of curiosity & concentration.


Down toward the lake:
You can see the lake if you're looking for it.

One of my favourite little trees.
 And we end with Tabby perched on a fallen tree:

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