Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

Every year, on holidays, her birthday & special occasions, Mum gives the edict: "I don't want any gifts. Only consumables."  

So this year for Mother's day, I gave Mum a book I made for John Morgan for his birthday:
I did it with Picaboo, a GREAT company for creating photo books.
John has a Grasshopper quote-of-the-day thingie that you can sign up for. So I took the first 500 and put them into a book for him. Here's Mum reading:

 I think she was laughing at: "It's flattering when someone asks for your advice; it's world-changing when you take your own."

 "Life doesn't have an undo button."

Marlene checking the book out. 
Card from Chiro-Sis:

Card from Atlasta:

HAPPY Mother's Day!

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