Tuesday, May 21, 2013

T-Bob Tuesday on the Front Porch

I moved the plants outside. Shortly after I moved one of my larger potted plants (can't remember what it is) I looked out to see this:
View out front door: Tabby curled up under the plant.
 As soon as I came out, he got up, of course:

But then he settled back in:

SUCH a cat look!
 As soon as he saw I was going to be sitting down . . .
"MOW." (The E is silent in his Meow).
 And up he hops:

And settles in:

Ouch--and starts kneading.

"I demand affection."

He walked down my leg but I'm not showing the pic because all you'd see is a shot of his nether regions.  Anyway, then sniffed my toes. This is the precursor to taking a test bite.
So I quickly removed my feet. Purr-haps this was his plan.


Zzzzzzz . . . . 

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