Monday, May 12, 2014

Doggie Monday

Well, it's been quite the week! I've never had a problem with any of my dogs running off before. But Bingo has been the exception. I leave the back door open for the dogs to come in and out as they please. But Hali, the bugs!  What about the bugs coming in?! Why don't you just get a bigger dog door? Thanks for asking. 
Bingo sunning herself.
 Well, it's because Bingo likes to check out the deer and other night creatures at night. If she could go out willy-nilly, she'd wake everyone up at ungodly hours with her bark-alerts. And I'm glad I've not done that because Bingo did some very fine Houdini impressions this week.

Wednesday afternoon, I heard Reggie barking (not unusual) but this was different. I went out to the yard: no Bingo. I was talking to John Morgan, and he said, "Did you check to make sure she's not in the house?" That may sound funny, but it's happened before. But yes, I checked all the usual Bingo spots.

I called her. I canvased the neighborhood; no one had seen her. I ran into the sheriff patroling & he gave me the number of animal control. "Don't worry, they haven't put a dog down in 5 years."  I went back home, called and left a message, and took another walk to the lake.As I was coming up the hill, there was Bingo bounding thru the woods; all happy. I let her in and she followed me into the house. 

Because it was dinner  time. 

I walked the perimeter of the fence trying to figure out how she escaped. I talked to Lawnmower Ben who suggested the gates because they're up pretty high. I thought, "She couldn't possibly squeeze her pudgy-self under that fence. In the meantime, I was back to walking her.

Reggie: "Let's play!"  

Bingo: "Hehhhhh . . . . "

Under the deck.

And thru to the other side.



HAPPY dogs.  :-)

I decided to see if Bingo would show me how she got out. After a morning jaunt, I headed into the house and watched where she went: to the front gate. So I went to the front porch in time to see Bingo flatten herself like a badger and squeeeeeeze under the fence!

Ah-ha! She was surprised to see me--and I may be hallucinating, a bit sheepish.

Easy-peasy: I blocked her exit with a post. All is well.
 RoRo Vizzie

"Here Bingo, wear my hat."

Under the "table fort."

In the Office
Tabby is v. relaxed on top of my file box!
 I was on the phone and I heard the clicky-clack of dog paws trotting into the office. I expected Bingo, but:
I managed to grab my camera & he didn't run off. Progress!
Reggie continues to get more and more settled. I can move without him flinching and he doesn't automatically run out of the room if I walk in. The other day I was sitting in my meditation chair in the living room, and he trotted in and licked my feet, and then hopped up into his spot on the sofa. Such a sweet boy. And Bingo--so glad she is safe and sound. I was trusting that she would be, but there was that Reptilian part of my brain saying, "You know what might happen?" And then we're off to the races with all sorts of catastrophes happening! She just wants to run thru the woods and smell new smells and get muddy in the marsh. I know. I get it. That's what dogs do & I can't fault her for being the friendly girl she is and wanting to explore. So no more adventures for Bingo unless they're at the end of the leash. Or as Ro says, "Let's go on a 'venture.'"  Sorry, Bingo. No more "ventures."  :-)

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