Monday, May 26, 2014

Doggie Monday


Mum made the comment that this was the theme of my blog and that all my Doggie Monday posts were pretty much the same. "Oh, you know. Sniff, slurp, and prolly every week."  Hahahaha  Pretty much.

RoRo & MarMar Vizzie

It was overcast, with threats of spitting rain, so I grabbed my trusty point 'n' click camera & off we went.
OBVI.  All blurry.
So a coupla glitches beyond blurriness: 1.) I can't seem to get my photo program to switch photos right-ways up. So there's a bunch of photos I can't upload because they will all be sideways. AND B.) Whenever I click, it's not instant like my fancy-pants camera. It takes a second or two or forever to snap the picture. So I miss the shot. Here's a photo demonstrating all these aforementioned, first-world-problem glitches:

Why is this sideways blurry tree sprouting arms?
Going back up to the house:

Running the labyrinth after their walk:
Taken with fancy-pants camera.
And 2 pix taken on Sunday:
Reggie's spot on the back porch.
 Bingo down below:

No sniff-slurp-and-prollys in this post. And no Tabby Bobcat, either!  Ah, next week . . . .

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