Monday, May 19, 2014

Doggie Monday

I should call this Dog-Cat Monday or something. Because I'm starting with this:

Tabby in the office by my chair.

Look at those paws. SO CUTE! 

And then:

Enter Bingo & Reggie.

 And here goes Tabby:
To the highest point he can get to on top of the table.


Reggie on the dog bed under the table.

Zzzzzz . . . . 
 At Dana & Roy's
I went out of town for a coupla days, so Bingo & Reggie went to their other mommy Rita's house. They LOVE their vizzies at the Wilton Hilton. I took some pix when I went to go pick them up. Here's Reggie, the first to run up to the gate!

And then Dana, his GF.
And the Roy. Bingo in the back. She prolly heard the car & ran to the food bowl for one last binge-fest before coming out. 

I managed not to have any escapees this time.

I couldn't quite capture it, but Reggie was all excited, bouncing up & over Dana.

Through the house to the back. Here's Reggie!

He comes around to the other door behind me.

Rita's gorgeous fountain.

Sweet Roy.


Roy again. *slurp*

He was running around!

And then my battery died. So that's the end of the photos!  I stayed at a friend's house and she has a brown chocolate lab, Lucy. She made the same squeaky-excited sound that Bingo makes. So cute!  The fact that my friend has a dog makes me like her that much more. There is an unspoken kinship with fellow dog lovers; hard to define, but it's there.  :-)

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