Monday, January 12, 2015

Doggie Monday

It has been C-C-C-COLD!  I have to give credit to Reggie, tho. Remember last year when I was pissin' 'n' moaning about how he wouldn't come back in the house when he went outside? He would just stand at the door and do a dance. And it was SO COLD. Well, he doesn't do that anymore. :-)  I still move out of the way, into the kitchen. Or I'll step out on the porch and then he'll go inside. But it's not a 15-minute process of chasing him to herd him back into the house. Progress!

In The Boudoir
Here's Tabby all cozy:

And Buddy:

King of the Sheepskin!

Zzzzz . . . 

Buddy: Zzzzz . . .
Tabby: scritchy-scratch.
Bingo & Buddy:


I looked out at the yard & seemingly noticed for the first time that there's trash in the yard. Or as I usually call it, "dog toys."  We had a lot of rain, so I didn't want to go out in the mud. And then it got really cold. Meh. I'll get to it eventually. 
Bingo surveying her domain.

 Such a handsome boy!

Under the deck is a source of entertainment for all the dogs:

They go under and around . . . 

. . . and up the stairs . . . 

In the Office
 Tabby, chillin':


Zzzzzz . . . .
One of Tabby's boxes:
Wood, cardboard, laundry basket--he'll jump in!
Zzzzz . . . .

Buddy was pawing at the bed, trying to make a nest. It's a foam mattress, so it won't "nest." So I got him a sleeping bag:

Bingo & Tabby:

Reggie comes in:

He was lying down next to Bingo, but of course gets up when he hears the camera:

See what Tabby's thinking?  "Just keep movin', pal."

Zzzzz . . . .
 Later, Tabby was in his box & Buddy was chewing on a piece of milk carton. Like you do.

I had to fill out a form for church with contact information. Here's what I wrote for the "members of my household" question:

Sunday morning I had a bit of a cleaning fest. Not that you can tell all that much from this photo:

Buddy already getting nesty with a fresh blanket. And he brought one of his toys in from outside:

Bingo going by:
Like a black streak of lightning.

And then Buddy runs out with his toy.

Sunday night, I get ready to work on the blog . . .
You may think this is just some tussled bed linens. 
 Look underneath:

Zzzz . . . .

He started to make his little snuggley noises. So I covered him back up. Saturday when I put the laundered sheets back on the bed, I did it all with Buddy asleep in the center of the bed. He didn't budge. Otherwise, his name would be Budgie. Hahahaha  HAPPY Monday!  :-)

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