Monday, January 19, 2015

Doggie Monday

In The Boudoir
We'll get the bed shots out of the way:
Beagle boy, Buddy: Zzzzzz . . . .

See Tabby in the background?

And because taking photos with my fancy-pants camera isn't enough, here's a shot I captured with my iPad:

In the kitchen, sitting like a cat:
Couldn't capture it fast enough before he was getting up!

Peanut Butter Kong Time

We do this once a week or so:
Bingo was the one who introduced me to Kong's because she came with hers when I got her.

Moving to a more secure location:

Onto a bed.
 In the meantime, Reggie taking his outside:

I discourage this practice, as then I have to go outside & do an archaeological search for it afterwards. So I encouraged him to go back inside:

In The Office
What would Doggie Monday be without T-Bob?

You look displeased, Tabby. What are you trying to say?
 Oh. This:
Buddy in his spot in front of the space heater.
 But then the printer came on & he was momentarily distracted:

I went to get another cuppa Builder's Tea, and this:
Another one of "his" spots.
 I was sitting at my desk, & was sure I wouldn't capture the moment, but lookit!
Reggie & Bingo.
 As soon as he heard the clickity-click of the camera, he trotted outta there:
Tabby chillin' in the foreground.
 The mysterious printer again!
See the thought bubble over his head?  "What-the-what?"
 Another chair usurper:

Whatchya lookin' at, Buddy?
Zzzzzz . . . . 
Here are a few taken with the iPad. Reggie is (less) suspicious:
Reggie & Bingo. Awwww . . . .

Zzzzz . . . .
Buddy on the chair with me:
Yeah. You can't really tell. But I like the religious light coming thru
the window, like Buddy's getting a message from the angel Gabriel. 
Here's Tabby going after Bingo's back phalanges:

I gave a warning "Tabbeeee! What are you doing?" And he turned away:
Like a kid. "Noth-eeeee-ing."
Buddy sits behind me:
He's such a little heating pad. It's great!
Bingo & Buddy:
Spooning.  :-)

Here's Buddy hogging the space in front of the heater:

But then Bingo goes to dog bed by the big heater:

We had our first dusting of the season. It lasted prolly about 45 minutes, if that.
Bingo loves the snow!


You can sorta see the lake past the gate.
Photography geeks are saying: Ooooh, so close on that rule of thirds.

Telephoto lens always gets the best pix of Reggie. Otherwise, he's a black dot.

Buddy's paw prints. Awwww . . . . 
Bingo's back dew claws. 
Sniffing the perimeter.
Paw lift. CUTE!
 On the deck:
Blurry black blob is Reggie.

Reggie needs a pedicure.
 An hour-ish later:
Back to brown.
In the living room:

I barricade the back door when I leave so that Buddy & Reggie don't get outside. Buddy will come back thru, of course. But Reggie will not. I went to bed one night and during the night I thought Buddy got up and left. But then came back, and besides, I was sleeping. I woke up the next day to find doggy No.2 on my bath mat. Now I have to say, that I don't usually turn on the light when I first get up. I wait til my eyes have adjusted. But something was telling me to turn on the light & I'm grateful for that part,  so my feet didn't go squish. That would've been a rude "Good morning!" Since then, I make sure he has access to go outside if nature calls! Slight problem--Reggie will go OUT, but not back IN. So if he goes out, he'll stand outside with his head poking thru, barking. I'll wake up to his barking & think, "What is he barking at?" (Yes, I always end sentences with prepositions in the middle of the night). And then my sleepy brain says, "Deer." And then I call out, "It's just-a-deer, Reggie. They don't want to play with you right now. They're sleeping!" This prolly sounds like drunk-talk. Actually, I've woken myself up calling out to him. Anyway, it's all preferable to waking up having to clean something first thing!  Other than that little . . . mishap, all is well! Buddy isn't trying to dig his way out--but I don't want to get any false sense of security. I always keep my eye on him when he's outside. The chicken wire is holding up. Eventually Lawnmower Ben will come with the rock dust & we'll get the back yard cleaned up. But for now, all is well!  HAPPY Monday & HAPPY MLK DAY!  :-)

P.S. Cute thing nephew RoRo said over the weekend when he heard a disagreement, "Martin Luther King said there's a peaceful way to solve your problems."  LOVE this 4 YO! 

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