Monday, January 5, 2015

Doggie Monday

Phalanges Fetish

I'm starting off Doggie Monday with the cat. Tabby Bobcat looks all cute 'n' cuddly in this photo:

But I assure you, he is not. Well, in the daytime he is--most of the time. I woke up yesterday morning around 4-ish to whisk my exposed foot away from his fangs just in time. I am not kidding. As I pulled my foot away, his teeth grazed my delicate skin. Naughty!

These next few pix were taken with the iPad:

Zzzzzz . . . . 

T-Bob's doing the cat-kneading thing. And purring. And possibly grooming the sheepskin.

This was prolly taken on another day when I grabbed the fancy-pants camera:

Because I just don't have enough pix of Buddy nestled in the sheepskin.

In the LR on the Lean-Back Chair

Bingo is not one to get on the furniture. But here she is:

All cozy.
Here's Buddy:

Snoopy pose.
Getting sleeeeeeepy . . . .
Now believe it or not, this is pretty much IT for photos this week. Seriously, I didn't take that many at all. I leave you with these . . .

I came home Saturday night to find this:

Tabby coming to get pet. Or to eat my fingers. 

There's Buddy with a tongue-swipe. 
This is prolly the shortest dog blog post I've done in a long time! And not a single pic of Reggie. I guess I'm getting a bit lax in the pix department. I'll make more of an effort this week. HAPPY Monday!  :-) 

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