Thursday, September 6, 2007

I have the best road karma!

The BEST, Jerry!

You know when you're having a crappy day and think it can only get better? And then you leave your house...and it does get better *because* it got worse? I was driving down my gravel-dirt road and I got a flat tire. ("TAR" as we say in these parts). Not just flat, shredded. YIKES! I looked at my cell phone. No service. Hehhhh....but one of my neighbors-I-didn't-know, Donna, was taking a walk. She stopped & we chatted and then, THEN! Mel, the guy-who-mows-my-lawn just happened to drive by and stopped to help. He changed my tire, told me to go to Reed's Tires in Stanley for the best service & prices.
Once at Reed's Tires, I found out just how lucky I was. My other tire was not far behind the first. You need to replace that other tar, babydoll, Mr. Reed said. When was the last time you got new tars? Um. Never. Did you get them rotated...never mind. We'll get you fixed up.
And they did. 83,000 miles. Honey, you're gonna need new breaks in the back in about 5000 miles. And I know where I'll go. Seth Godin is right: give a great product and service and you don't need any marketing gurus telling you to be viral. And never has anyone called me babydoll and made it so appealing. But it wasn't just me, it was the old woman standing at the counter and someone on the other end of the phone. We're all babydolls. And this babydoll is v. grateful for the whole experience!

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