Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Finally Downloaded Those Caroline Myss Pix

The exchange happened so fast & I was not at a good angle. Sorry to miss your face, Susan!

On the plus side, your hair looks FABULOUS!

I gave Caroline Virtual Massage & Healing Labyrinth Path CD's.

Cool bike sculpture at the Convention Center:

Whenever I go to a seminar, it's the whole experience of it. The people I'm with, the Indian restaurant we go to for lunch. And then! The awesomeness that is Caroline Myss. Her new book is Defying Gravity. She has a webinar on Thursday that will give you a taste. You can click here for more info.

There was a question from the audience about getting an alcoholic spouse to stop drinking. Caroline said, "You have to be willing to be hated." How brave are you? It doesn't have to be drinking, it could be anything. Are you willing to be hated? Or will you stay in the land of mediocrity and dissatisfaction? Something to ponder.

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