Friday, February 5, 2010

Back in the wilderness for the blizzard!

Jimmys Cigar Bar
Now with 100% fewer cigars!

The above picture comes from one of my favourite sites, Friends of Irony. I thought it was an appropriate way to tell you about the bit of excitement at our Nashville seminar. I got an email from my friend, NYC Slicker Doug O'Brien, who was our hypnotherapist that night. He said, "There was some famous C & W singer at the smoking seminar last night. The registration helpers were all excited. Do you know who it was?" I called our radio guy there who said very dryly, "The fact that he called her a C & W singer tells you everything." That got a *snort* out of John Morgan. Anyway, it was Jo Dee Messina! How cool is that?! For those who are now saying, "Who?" (You know who you are, Mum) Click here.

I'm listening to her song, That's God, right now. The snow has started for the 8 feet that we're we're supposed to be getting. Kidding. Only 3 feet, I think. I'm cozy in my office with M&M snoozing in their beds. They are snoring in tandem. :-) Life is good!

If you take the time to look around, you'll see it everywhere
It's right here around us, even when we're not aware.

It doesn't have to be a miracle

It might just be the little things

And even those who say they don't believe

They may not know it, but every day they see

That's God.

Stay warm & toasty. :-)

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