Monday, February 1, 2010

M&M Monday

I was sitting on the sofa, and Maggie looked so cute asleep on her bed--notice she's resting on my slipper. So I grabbed the camera, but she's gotten to know the sound the camera makes when I turn it on. She opens her eyes:

And then! She squeezes them shut again!


'member M&M's deer watching? They've gotten much more adventurous in the front yard. This used to be a familiar sight with Barkley & Remi . . .

M&M scoping out the scene.

Come on, girls! Time to go back inside . . .

You can't be in a hurry with these two!

Until. They see me rolling the suitcase into the kitchen & packing up the car. Maggie followed me out to the back porch all excited. Yes, we're going to your other home.

Yay! We're going to see Gareth & Lena!

A couple shots out the window on the way to Mystic Pet.

I called on Sat. to check on the girls & Lena said they had run of the groom room, and 2 more beds in the shop with her. We both talked about their love-of-Gareth. Yeah, sometimes I feel like I'm just the gal who takes care of them between Gareth visits. ;-) I've been with chiro-sis whose due date is Valentine's. So I'm staying with her until? So M&M will have extra Gareth time. I know they're not complaining! This will prolly be my last post for a coupla days--don't know how consistent I'll be this week. Back . . . when I am.

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