Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chiro-sister's birthing day/night

As I mentioned before, chiro-sister Ruthie had her baby. During the labor, her dog Albus was by her side at all times--except when she went into the birthing tub. Albus was pacing about. He could hear Ruth, but he couldn't see her. Midwife Nancy suggested Hubby call him up onto a nearby chair so he could see her. So he did. And then! For a dog who hates water . . .


I managed to get this photo. Keep in mind that it was dark & I was just pointing & hoping I'd catch it. Nancy said this was a first; a dog jumping into the tub. Ruth picked him up & handed him to Hubby.

Drying off.

All tuckered out. Plus Mum told him to get in his bed. He jolly-well did!

Then Ruth moved back to the bed . . .

Albus on the bed at Ruth's feet; midwife assistant.

Ruthie was so AMAZING! As Mum says, "They don't call it labor for nothing."

9.3 lbs!!! 15 inch head with man hands!

Midwife Nancy & Mum

When I was going thru my power outage of 5 days, Ruthie said how hard that must have been, and how did I survive? After the baby finally came at 6:34 a.m., Ruthie said, "That is the hardest thing I've ever done."

[Pause . . . wait for it . . . ]

"Yeah," I said. "But could you live without electricity for 5 days?" Hahahaha ;-)

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