Friday, September 9, 2011

Funny Friday

I have so many fond memories of funny, quirky little things that M&M have done, I thought it would be nice to share some of my favourite M&M pix.

Here's Millie sitting at the top of the dog ramp and waiting for Maggie to try to get by.

See?  Heh heh hehhhhhhhh.

"It seems we've come to an impasse." It only happened a coupla times--but it was hard getting Millie to back up. She'd do it, but she'd grumble the whole way up!
What is so fascinating?

The early days, when Tabby was a Porch Kitty, before she made it into the house.

They used to camp out by the door.

Millie went & got my shoe by the door & brought it in to taunt Maggie with.

Millie preferred her food mixed with water & fish oil and she liked it soupy. She would slurp the soupy part & eat a bit, then save the rest for later when it was mushy. She also was adept at pulling her bowl with her teeth to her.

After a couple mishaps of soupy dogfood spilling everywhere, I made sure to prop up her food bowl with a box so she wouldn't spill it:

The box also doubled as a head rest.

And my shoe helped to prop up her bowl every now & then.

Breakfast in bed.

Eating her Mercola dental bone. She would wolf hers down.
 Sometimes she would act like a regular dog . . . 
She managed to get my cup off the coffee table & finished whatever was in there!

 She did this once; getting into the trash. Instead of being mad, I thought, "Good for you, Mil. Trying to act like a youngster."
Cat Tolerator
Millie letting Tabby sleep on her bed.

Millie was v. tolerant of Tabby Bobcat. She didn't bark at her or go after her if she was at the water bowl, like Maggie does. 
 Book Ends

SO SWEET.  :-)

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