Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Shhhh . . . Millie's Sleeeeeeping

Being geriatric, she slept a lot. I have so many photos of her sleeping; I just loved her squishy face:


This was hysterical! Her ear kept falling into the water & she'd wake up & twitch it out of the way & then slowly as she fell back asleeeeep, it would lower into the water & start all over again.
Falling asleep with her foot in her food bowl.

I have so many dog beds & when I vacuum, I stack them. So it was obvious to Millie that this was an invitation to sleep!

Notice that she has her bone by her side?
So many dog beds and often she didn't lie on them!

Morning light.

One of my favourite photos. She looks so content in the afternoon sunlight.
Christmas time. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz . . . .
She used to run & woof in her sleep. Here she is waking herself up growling . . . and going back to sleep.
I loved how her body would spill off her bed:
Or whatever she happened to be lying on.

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