Monday, November 28, 2011

Morgan in the Morning*

You all know that I work for John Morgan Seminars. Since I've been with the company for almost 5 years, I've watched thousands of people go to our seminars to stop smoking and lose weight. I've talked to some very grateful people. The smoking seminar seems the most miraculous because it's the most immediate: we've had 2-pack a dayers walk out non-smokers after a 2-hour seminar. People who have tried everything. One guy who was a meth addict & said cigarettes were worse than any drug he'd tried to get off.

While the smoking stories are dramatic, the weight loss ones are more than just about losing weight. One guy who wanted to lose weight, yes. But the main concern was his high blood pressure that the 2 different medications he was on, couldn't control. Within 3 weeks, he dropped 17 lbs. AND his blood pressure was normal and he was off his meds. He went on to lose 40 lbs. This is like many people's stories; they lose the weight, but they also have other benefits. It's like the opposite of Big Pharma "side effects." Warning, attending our seminars could result in increased energy and smiles for no reason. But I digress.

We are having a holiday sale. I work to get our seminars across the country in as many major cities as possible. But sometimes it's not possible. That's where the seminars on DVD come in. You can get the smoking or weight loss seminar on DVD and it works as if you attended a seminar. I had a friend get the weight loss DVD & she said she didn't really feel any different. But she noticed the next day that instead of her usual lunch, she chose a salad instead. There was no will power, no conscious forcing herself to change her diet. She just did it. The beauty of this program is that it gets you in tune with your own body and what it needs. We all have an innate wisdom and it can guide you if you listen. John Morgan helps you to listen. And YES, we've had smokers successfully become non-smokers after watching the DVD.

Most people wait until New Year's and then they make some fluffy resolution that lasts until noon-ish on January 1st. Tap into your own innate wisdom and go with your body instead of trying to force it. It's just so much easier.

DVDs are normally $49.95, now more than HALF off!
YES, you can stop smoking!

Go to John Morgan Seminars to check out the sale. While you're there, we also have a lot of other programs. My favourite is still this:

I can't say enough about this. It's  an  amazingly simple process that helps you to transform your self-image, which drives everything!  The first time I heard this was shortly after I'd started working for John. I was on the phone with him, as per usual, and I was experiencing a lot of anxiety. He did this process with me for a few minutes, and the knot I'd been experiencing in my stomach for months, melted away. I felt a sense of calm that I'd not felt in a long time. This IMPROVE YOUR SELF IMAGE CD is the gift that keeps giving. I often fall asleep to it. 

The CDs are normally $29.95, so this is AWESOME to get them for over HALF off. GREAT stocking stuffers. There are lots of titles to choose from, but if you don't know what to get, get the latest-greatest, Accomplish Anything. You program yourself for whatever you want to accomplish. This recording was the answer to all those people who came up after a seminar and said, "I know this helps with weight-loss & smoking, but could it help me with ________?"

You can also get Virtual Massage, my CD. If you go to my website, it's $19.95. You can get if for half off if you order if from John Morgan. The only other time I sell it for half off is if you see me in person. So, enough of my yakking. Go check out the sale!

*Morgan in the Morning: John has had an illustrious, award-winning career in radio. This was the name of his radio show for many years.

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