Friday, April 16, 2010

John 4:16

Snoopy & Woodstock do the Happy Dance!

You may think the title John 4:16 is a biblical reference. It is not. Today is John Morgan's birthday. He is the author of Grasshopper Notes, America's Best Known Hypnotist, and my boss & friend.

He has a way of taking something mundane & ordinary, and making it special. How often do you look at the time? Is it just the time, or is it connected to someone special? "Ooooh, 9:28, make a wish," he says for his son's birthday. It's a way of celebrating someone in your life twice a day; depending on your bedtime. I'm not generally awake for people born in November-May. ;-) So in honour of 4:16 . . .

May today be a day
of sweet surprises
and a box full of
birthday wishes!


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