Monday, August 13, 2012


This week we had our first vet vizzie for a meet 'n' greet. I've had a horrible time with fleas & so have pulled up all carpet (the opposite of M&M), vacuumed, washed all bedding, sprayed with everything natural (variations of cedar, clove, lemon balm, & peppermint) & Bingo had her first bath. She was obedient, but not a fan! Poor thing. Anyway, we have a handle on it finally & I spritz her before we go on our walks. The good news is no ticks!

Hiding from a spritzing.  

Sorry, Sweetie!  I now spray my hands & THEN apply it & she's OK with that.
 Then we go on our walk:

This cow is so sweet. There's a little girl in our neighborhood, about 4 years old, who goes right up to her to say hello. 

Here's the bull you haven't seen lately, Mum.
We continue on with our walk:

Wrinkled forehead. What do you see, Bingo?

Do you see it to the right of the tree? A chicken. We have chickens from the farms across the street and they are really free range!

This dog comes WOO-WOO-WOOing down his (her?) long drive way when we go by & s/he's outside:
Hushpuppy dog.

Favourite chairs.  :-)
 Bingo was v. patient as I snapped a few flowers & butterflies with my fancy-pants camera:

I caught one flying!

Back from a walk:

Sunday, chiro-sis came over with the fam with dinner to celebrate my House Anniversary & to let Rowan & BIL meet Bingo. Rowan kept calling her Maggie, a bit bittersweet. He managed to find my giant stuffed dog from my bedroom and he brought it out to put in the living room:
I bought this years ago when I still had Barkley & Remi because it reminded me of them. 


Rowan giving the dog Bingo's chew.
 Why don't you give it to Bingo, Rowan? He dutifully obliged.

Bingo taking it like a hummingbird. She was so gentle with him!  She was initially uninterested in it, but I remembered that Jessica mentioned she liked peanut butter, so I smeared it with peanut butter and she was v. happy.
 BIL said Bingo would make a good therapy dog. And then he told me to convince Ruth that they should get another dog. Hahahaha  Ruth said she was afraid that it would bring up the Dog Convo if he met Bingo.

After the vizzie:
Sweet Bingo, waiting for Tabby to come in the front door.  :-)

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