Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I thought I'd do a pictorial of favourite Mum-related blog moments, in honoUr of Mum's b-day.

She is GranAnne to all her grandkids, except for the youngest, Rowan, who calls her Om-a. He made that up. Last summer Mum had all the grand children for a week. It was called:

Favourite foods are GranAnne's proper porridge & tuna casserole. 

Youngest baby Rowan.

Queen of Cleaning 
Cleaning out gutters; one of her favourite things to do.  She will protest, but there was one year where this is how we spent a good portion of Christmas Eve Day!

Last fall at the River House. I bet those windows are STILL clean!

 Watching Hoarders

Queen of Sewing
Mum whipped up new cushions for all my wicker in less than 5 days. AND she added piping AND zippers to all the pillows. 
Queen of Fearless
Braving the snow for my b-day last year. She parked down by the river and hoofed it up the hill. With all my presents:

Queen of Construction

Habitat build in Hungary. Mixing concrete. Digging ditches. She does it all!
Queen of World Traveling

Queen of Toleration

Birthday Queen

Shirt Ruth gave Mum for her b-day. Something muscley & gym-related.

Mother's Day cards.


May you
Cake(wreck) Mum made with unintentional multi-coloured sperm that SHE called "balloons."
May your day be full of rainbows.
Make a wish!

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