Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday with Bing-O

This has been an entertaining week with Bingo. I got a Kong toy for her:

You put peanut butter in it. She LOVES this!
Jessica had told me about it and so when Bingo saw me pull the Kong out of the box, she started drooling. Pavlov strikes again!  I also got her a Kong Wobbler:

 You put kibble or small treats in it and they have to wobble it around to get the kibble to spill out of the hole. You'll notice on the description that it says "hours of fun" because it dispenses food over time.
It also says:
Most dogs will quickly learn to use their nose or paws to move the Wobbler and release the treats.  

So I filled it with food & wobbled it with my foot & some kibble fell out and Bingo ate the kibble. Then she looked at me, looked at my foot, and looked at me again. Well? she seemed to be saying. "Now you try it!" I said.
Tabby observes from a distance.

So I wobbled it again. Food spilled out, she ate it up & then looked at me expectantly. Friday night Brother Atlasta was over with Mum for dinner & we were playing with her. Wobble-wobble-spill!  

She did move it around and some food spilled out . . .     

. . . but she hasn't made the connection yet.

How do I know this? Because if she could eat it, she would. I came home on Saturday night to find a drooly bread bag with a hole chewed in it. Unfortunately I had left the bread on the table. There were only 3 or 4 slices of homemade GF bread (Gaaahhhh!) but she scarfed them down. She also will eat the cat food. And anything else that's within her reach. I was warned she was a counter surfer. Hahahaha  She is definitely not starving here in the House of Chambers. 

In the meantime . . . 

The wobbler still sits in the middle of the kitchen. 

We'll keep playing with it!  :-) 

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Jasmin said...

Hahah awwww so cute!!!!!! :) XO