Monday, August 20, 2012


I've noticed something new: when Bingo wants something, usually food-related or going outside-related, she will trot up to me and sit. And look at me. Reminds me of Remi, he used to do this. It's very cute.

We are still walking every morning and every evening; about 2 miles a day.  Look what we saw the other day!

Bingo says Hullo.


 View of the lake:
Continuing on our walk, Bingo spots something ahead:

See how alert she is?
 You can't see it, but it was another dog, but it meandered off. On our way back:

I'm really loving our walks. The view of the lake is spectacular!

Tabby & Bob co-existing together.  :-)
 Another day, another walk:

This is at the end of the lake, across from my house.

Taken with my fancy-pants telephoto lens.  Fishin' with Gramps.
 And we come home to:

Tabby sitting on the counter, waiting for us to come back.
And then she he turns around to face the other way:
He hates the flash, tho & closes his eyes waiting for the clicky-clicky of the camera to stop.

I didn't mention it, but Mum surprised me with a labyrinth rug!  When I had the De-carpet Fest and also organized my office, it fit perfectly there. I put it next to Bingo's bed, but of course, this is where Bingo wants to lie:

Awesome, hand-hooked rug!  And pretty awesome dog!  :-)

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