Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bingo & Tabby Bobcat: A Walk thru the Woods

Here we are on our walk . . . 

Tabby Bobcat ahead.

Always on the look out for deer. Or squirrels. Or any furry creature.

Tabby walks along this branch, blending in with the dreary March colours or brown & more brown.
 He's always the first back to the front door:

"Stop taking pictures and open the door!"

Investigating the security of a closed door.
 Back inside:
I got this box from Brother Atlasta for Tabby. I knew he'd like it. 


Rarrrr  or *yawn*

Life is pretty good for this cat in a box.  :-)
In the meantime:
Bingo goes back to the cat door.

Tabby joins her.

But quickly loses interest.
This tree is much more fascinating.

Rarrr  or *yawn*

A little history on the tree. And why it's sitting in a pot in an awkward place in the kitchen. Well. I was in the waiting area of the hospital, and this tree was sitting behind me looking a bit parched. I'm thinking I should give it a bit of water. Then these official-worker guys appear with a trolley and are loading up the trees. I asked, "What are you doing with all these trees?" And they said, "We're throwing them away."  Gah!!!  Really???  So I asked if I could have the one beside me & Chiro-sis also took one. I wish I had had the presence of mind to talk to their supervisor and arrange for homes for the rest of the trees. Poor things. We live in such a disposable society. And I'm not the best with plants. I used to say I had a black thumb, but I've gotten better & have managed to keep green things alive in the house. Anyway, I'll be transplanting the tree into a bigger pot and when it gets nice out, it will be happy on the front porch.  :-)

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