Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bingo & Tabby: The Cat Door, Part Deux

So I was sitting in the LR on Sunday morning with my tea. And Bingo comes in and lies in the sunlight. It was so sweet. So I got my camera, and :
*sigh* Kodak Moment missed.
So then I thought I'd put her bed in the sunlight for her:

And Bingo comes and lies down near me.
"Don't mind me. I'll just be lying here. If you happen to want to give me a belly rub. . . . "
But then:
Back in the sun.


 And then I took a gazillion pix of this:
Eyes getting all slitty and falling asleep . . . 

See that chair Bingo is next to? This is one of Tabby's favourite spots:
It's where I sit when watching TV & he sits on my lap. When I get out of the chair, I ninja-maneuver him around so he gets all nestley in the blanket. 
And back to Bingo still snoozing in the sun:

Whatcha lookin' at Bingo?

Look who's mastered the cat door!

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