Monday, March 11, 2013

Snowy Day with Bingo

That snow storm that everyone else was getting that we weren't supposed to get? Well. We got it! This is later on in the day when it was already starting to melt:

Shakin' it off.


Always on the look out for deer.
 In the back yard the next morning:

Up the driveway.

A heart.  :-)

The snow had an icy layer on top. So it was a bit slippery and every once in a while, Bingo would sink thru to the snow underneath. 

The neighbors across the street had a tree come down RIGHT BEHIND a car!

To the right of the house.
To the left of the house; backyard.

Down to the lake:

Tabby Bobcat hates the snow, so he waited on the porch for us the whole time!
Ready to go in.

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