Monday, March 25, 2013

Bingo & Bob

It's been a week!  Every time I thing Spring is here, and the daffodils agree with me here, it snows. It's like . . . the opposite of Spring. So a few pix from earlier this week:
Tabby Bobcat's apple box; a source of entertainment.

*yawn*  Perhaps not.

 Laundry day:
Bingo, basking in the sunlight.


T. Bob looking out the cat door:

This is how Bob likes enter the driveway, along this:

All the way down . . . 
. . . and around the corner.
 Bingo leads the way up the driveway:

In the field:

Tabby Bobcat is going after something rustling in the leaves.

Coming back down the driveway: 

 Down by the lake:

Sunday I was in Sperryville, and the drive home was a bit treacherous. The snow was coming down in great cotton ball clumps, in slow motion. It was the most extraordinary thing to see. It took me an extra hour to get home, but I made it!
My driveway.  

Love the snowy trees.  

Home, sweet home.

This morning:
The back yard.  

I didn't get any pix of Bingo or Tabby outside. When we went for our walk, the snow was dropping from the trees so I didn't want to get my camera wet. I did get some pix on our afternoon walk when the snow was mostly melted. Will save those for next week. Perhaps between now & then we'll have a summer heat wave to round up this wacky weather!

It was v. comical with Tabby, tho. He stayed on the front porch and meowed v. LOUDLY as Bingo & I took our usual walk. Up the driveway, MOW, MOW, MOW  (you perhaps recall that his version of meow  rhymes with cow). When we went to the back yard and into the woods, he got louder and made a dash for it back to us where he protested against the snow:  MOW, MOW, MOW.  Then he did this little shaking the snow from his paws. It's all v. comical. He then dashed back up to the house where he meowed until we joined him.
Back inside, all curled up and cozy.

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