Monday, July 22, 2013

Bingo the Couch Potato

Bingo doesn't lie on the couch when I'm home, only when I go out:

She used to jump off immediately before I came in the door . . . 
Not anymore.
 Horrified lady: "That's a priceless Steinway!"
Inspector Clouseau: "Not anymore."

I always hear his voice in that French accent whenever I say, "Not anymore." 
Anyway . . . 
Onto our walks . . . 

Paw lift!  Haven't gotten a shot of this in a while.

What you don't see here is the black streak of an animal under the pier. We walked down there & something darted out. Bingo was all sniffy of course and wanted to chase after it. 

Tabby coming to join us.

I think he was going to jump down, but thought better of it.


Another day . . . 

Look left.

Look center.

Look right.
 Good dog. 

She loves to go churning thru the scrubby saplings & brush.

The lake is so beautiful. You'd think it'd be cool down here, but no. Nowhere is cool right now!
 Tabby comes down the path, M-OW-ing:

 But then Bingo started running up the trail & Tabby goes here:
"Oh, I see. You WEREN'T chasing me. OK, I'll get down."
 Every once in a while, Bingo likes to go to our winter place:

Over the logs. 

Hugging trees.
And back out:

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