Monday, July 1, 2013

Bingo's Other Mommy

Last week I was away for another manual lymphatic drainage training. So Bingo got to go to the Wilton Hilton, with my friend Rita, her other mommy. She also gets to have a vizzie with Dana & Roy.

Oh, boy!  Cheesey treat time!

That's Roy, jumping up. He heard the wrapper from outside & came in!

Dana giving Hollywood kisses. 

Roy retreats to the bedroom while Dana & Bingo play.

"Do you want more?"

"OK, here you go!"

Dana says, "Hey, where's mine?"
 Aaaaaand we're back to a Cheesy Treat Fest:

This is the only time Roy is this animated!

They all sit there & wait their turn.

Rita hands the cheese to each dog. Dana-Roy-Bingo. Dana-Roy-Bingo.

All done!

Well, OK. One more . . . 

. . . for Rita!

And Bingo licks her hand. 
 And now it's time for belly rubs!

I'm SO GRATEFUL to have Rita take care of Bingo. I have absolute peace of mind that she is well loved when I'm gone. Ha--and well-fed!  Clearly she is not starving! When I got back home with her, I discovered another item on Bingo's No-eat List: mango sorbet. Not a fan!

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