Monday, July 15, 2013

Rainy Daze with Bingo & Tabby

It has been another week of rain-rain-rain!  Here's Bingo all nestled in at the end of the hall:

In my office, when I eat lunch, Bingo assumes her position:


Waiting patiently to lick my bowl.
 A rare non-raining moment this week:
I don't know WHAT she was smelling, but she tried to pee on my flowers!
Woah, there! What're ya doin'? Grass! Pee on the grass! 

Tabby joining us.
 Down at the lake:
I didn't get a shot of it, but Bingo was watching a blue heron fly across the lake.

And here's an excerpt from my journal this week:

Friday, July 12th
Bingo likes to lick the rain off the tall blades of grass at the front of the driveway, which is rather like a wet weather creek bed. She delicately steps throuugh the puddles like she's wearing rain boots. Funny what I remember sometimes. On a day like this, Barkley would have stayed glued at the threshold as I tried to coax her out of the house. As Bingo continues her ritualistic grass-licking, Tabby-the-rain-hater is planted on the front porch meowing v. loudly in protest of the surrounding wetness. I stand in the rain, getting drenched, cat meowing & dog grass licking. Then Tabby makes a valiant effort at navigating non-puddley spots in the driveway to join us. But abandons his mission at the trash can & makes a dash back to the porch.

Sunday Morning: Sunny!

On our last walk on Saturday night, as we headed up the driveway, Bingo suddenly lurched into the woods in this area:
So on Sunday morning, she was all sniffy. I have no idea what it was--just glad it wasn't a skunk!

See what she's done here?
Rounding up trees with the leash. 
 While I'm standing there negotiating the leash, Tabby is weaving himself between my legs in a circle 8 pattern.
I got her back around to this point. Then I had to whip the leash around the one tree.
 In the grass at the beginning of the driveway:

Again, Tabby doing circle 8's & then goes into stealth mode like the big cats: 
Watching Bingo.
 What are you going to do, Tabby?
Nothing. Bingo walks by.
 And down to the lake:
All brown again from the rain-rain-rain we've had. 

I think she was looking at a dog that was barking across the lake. 

 What you don't hear is the sound salad symphony of sounds from the lake; the GLUG-GLUG-GLUG of the bull frogs calling back 'n' forth and the BLOOP! as they slide into the water as we get closer.  And T-Bob calling thru the woods with his M--OW. M--OW. M--OW.  All the way down. 
Back up the path.

Bingo runs up the trail & Tabby coming to greet us (finally) rushes up a tree:
Blending rather well, don't you think?  
And that was our week.  :-) 

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