Monday, July 8, 2013


We had a lot of rain this past week. Here's our walk down to the lake on a a dryish day when I could take pictures:

Across the bridge.

Look how brown the lake is!

Bingo kept looking this way.

Still alert. See her fur? She's been molting like an alpaca in Spring.

Down to the pier. We don't go down it when it's been raining--too slippery!

I didn't think I'd gotten a photo of what she was looking at until I downloaded the card:
There were 2 guys in a boat, near the shore. SHE knew they were there; I was rather oblivious!

And inside, for most of the week, Bingo was wearing her Thundershirt:
This is where she likes to stay if it's thundering; under my desk. I keep thinking I should brave the cave crickets in the shed and get out Barkley's old dog crate for her.
Back outside. 

Tabby joins us.

This was new:

I don't know what she was smelling:


Leaping off.
 And onto a log:

My view much of the time as she churns around the brush.

She sometimes reminds me of a bear.

Another attempt to go down the pier. Not yet, B-Dog.

Tabby on the same spot that Bingo went to.

Aaaand leaping down. This would be super-impressive in focus!

And back up the trail to the house.  :-)

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