Monday, September 9, 2013

Belated Bingo

Apologies for the delayed blog post. The day got away from me! So here are our pix from this week:

Washed out afternoon pic/photo of the lake.


We've had some LOVEly coolish-breezy days.
Down to the crick.
 I've been trying to get a side shot of Bingo's jump:


She jumps on both these logs, one at a time.

Back up the trail.

No fence wire added yet. That gate looks spiffy, tho!  See Tabby in stealth mode to the left of Bingo?

Aaaand Bingo just walks on by . . . .

Into the grass jungle she goes . . . .


Love the light at this time of day. Blurry shot, tho.

Bingo in the labyrinth.

 Down to the lake:

Little swampy-crick leading into the lake.

Starting to get some Autumn-action in the leaves!

Aaaand up and over the log!

Heading into our winter walking area.

Over the logs 
 To the hugging trees:

Looking for deer!

 Back up to the house:

Tabby lounging on the back porch.

And joining me in the labyrinth.

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