Monday, September 2, 2013

Bingo & Tabby

This past Saturday, we had a vizzie from Mail Carrier Tessa. Except I was chatting with the new neighbor across the street. I saw her drive up to the house, so I came back to talk with her. She had put a package on the front porch & left Bingo's dog treat on top. Bingo LOVES Tessa. Whenever she hears her mail truck coming, she gets all excited because she knows she's getting a treat. Tessa said that Bingo was on the other side of the door, and she could hear her tail thumping in anticipation of her biscuit. Hahahaha  Later that day, I was heading out of the 'hood, and Tessa's truck was coming my way. There were 2 dogs in a yard, stuck in their invisible fence world, trying to get to her. "Look!  It's the Treat Lady!"

Here's Bingo on a walk:

I can't remember what she's looking at here--squirrel, perhaps?
 Down to the lake:

One of 2 favourite dirt patches she likes to gnaw on.

The lake is rather brownish from all the rain.

I DO remember what she's looking at here: a duck. Only because I got a photo of it.

Ummmm . . . 

Here.  Sort of. See that brown speckish thing in the center? Yeah. That.
A familiar sight on our walks. 

Another shot of the duck. Sort of.

Aaaand here's the other favourite dirt patch to lick.


Of course I didn't get the picture, but Tabby actually jumped up at Bingo in a play fight gesture. I think it was play because there was no blood. Which, as we know, T-Bob is capable of. But apparently only with humans.
Sunday morning:
My BEAUTIFUL back yard.  :-) 

OK, so the next set of pix need some s'plainin'. Spiders like to stretch their webs between trees along the path. One day, I walked thru a spider web, full-faced. And then, THEN! I did it again the next day; SAME SPIDER, SAME location. And on that same day, I did it again down by the fallen trees at the lake. After full face plant of the second one, I said, "OK. That's it. I'm done with Nature for the day." But I've taken to holding the leash up over my head, so that the webs will hit that before my face.  Anyway, I took some pix, because they really are beautiful: 

And back to Bingo:

Tabby going after Bingo.
And then he started licking the rain off her leg.
 Aaaaand back to the dirt patch:

Over a tree.

And the next one. Sorry it's blurry; I get a little jostled trying to keep up!

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