Monday, September 16, 2013

Bingo & Tabby & Kiddliewinks

Here's Tabby heading into the bush:

And here's Bingo coming out:
Covered in seeds and debris.
 Leaves are turning:
The leaves this year took a beating; looking well-weathered.
 Tabby in Maggie's garden:

Bingo pays no nevermind.

Happy girl.
 Down to the lake:

Across the bridge.

My little pier.

Blue skies. :-)

Bingo down by the crick.

Tabby comes to join us.

He walks along branches until . . . 

. . . he comes to my feet.

Go Bingo!

Bingo heads back up. Tabby sits.

Back across the bridge.

Detour to our winter spot.

Bingo under the umbrella of the hugging trees.
And then we had a vizzie with Brother Atlasta's girls:

They found a bag of plastic snakes I had on the book shelf. "What are these for, Auntie Haha?"
Me: "For Lawnmower Ben. I'm going to put them in the labyrinth."
Here they are distributing the snakes!

Walkies down to the lake:

Up 'n' over!

See Tabby in his spot?

He surveys the girls below. 
 Back up the trail:

Back to the house.  :-)

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