Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Online Labyrinth Art Class by Sonya Gonzalez

Artist Sonya Gonzalez is offering a mixed media collage labyrinth class online. The class is very affordable at $40, and once you purchase, you get instructions on download so that you can go at your own pace.

There is such beauty and whimsy to her work. BEAUTIFUL!

When I asked Sonya about this class, she said:

"When I began working on this labyrinth I had an intention in mind, that is  to use some of the greeting cards I had made with my artwork that did not come out just right.  What I found in creating my labyrinth was the feeling of Gratefulness to all who have given me opportunities and supported my art.  It is always amazing to me what is revealed in creating these labyrinths."

She also has other art classes available on her workshop page. Click HERE for more information about all her classes.

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