Monday, January 6, 2014

Doggie Monday

Sorry this post is so late! This is Reggie when I let him out of his crate:

Imagine the sound of his tail thumping against the crate. Sounds kinda like a drum. Also, note white dog toy innards by his feet. Or it could be his sleeping bag stuffing. 
Ear flapping.

 Whenever I go outside, Bingo looks out after me thru the cat door: 
 This was new to see:
This was actually a chew toy I had gotten for Bingo right before I got her. She never chewed on it. Reggie found it in a basket of doggie-type stuff and took it to his crate and happily gnawed away on it. Bingo sneaked into his crate and stole it!
In the meantime, Tabby scratching at the window to come in. Because, you know, he doesn't have his own cat door!
These two don't seem to mind the cold so much. They like to hang out in the yard.
They're both watching the same thing. Could be deer--I watched them run along the fence chasing 3 deer on the other side. So fun!
Reggie says, "Are you coming Bingo?"

Waiting for me to move out of the way.
 Romping on the Back Deck
Yes, I know. It looks like 2 black blobs.
That's Bingo chewing on Reggie.

 When they're outside, I whistle and they both come running:
Look at Reggie's blurry-wagging tail!
 I was out of town this weekend, so Bingo & Reggie went to the Wilton Hilton. Here they are when I came to pick them up:
Reggie first.
"Let me in." 
And then Bingo.
Here's Dana. See Roy in the back?

Here comes Roy. 

All loaded up in the car & on the way:

Today Bingo and Reggie spent quite a bit of the day outside. I leave the door open for them if they want to come in (not such a big deal with a wood stove). Anyway, I looked out and Reggie had something dangling from his mouth. I thought, "Did he take one of his toys out there?" No. I looked a bit closer to discover that he had caught a rabbit and was eating it. Ewwwww! Bingo was slinking around him, but Reggie was not sharing! I will spare you the gruesomeness of nature, and instead finish this post with some pix of Bingo:
Nephew RoRo (sorry, no pix) had some peanut butter & apples & I let her lick out the rest of the peanut butter in the dish.
Always entertaining to watch her chase a bowl across the floor!
Picking the bowl up to bring it closer.

Peanut butter paw!
Happy girl.  :-)

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