Thursday, January 2, 2014

St. Luke's Labyrinth: Part 2~Finished!

Here's the first part of the labyrinth if you missed it. Here's what it looked like after chiro-sis pulled up the tape lines:
You can SORTA see the yellow base around the lines.
And here it is finished:

Nephew Rowan takes it for a spin!

Chiro-sis Ruth pulled up all the tape for me, so then all that was left to do was paint the purple lines. She also brought lunch. She made this SO MUCH easier! THANKS, Sis!
Before I disassembled it, I brought Mum to see it. And the nieces & nephew came with us:
They're used to running mine in my yard, so they had to slow down on this one!
In the center:
Lots of room! 
So there you have it. Still thinking I might paint something in the middle. Or not. :-)

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