Monday, January 13, 2014

Doggie Monday

It's been a quiet week at Lake HaHa. We survived the Polar Vortex, and even when it was super-cold, the dogs still like to stay outside. They chase around, but they also just plunk down:

Bingo plunked down. Reggie getting some tail-wagging action in.

Hullo from Bingo. Reggie's tail goes to-and-fro.

Bingo looking at something off in the distance. Hullo from Reggie.
Reggie being all sniffy:
Reggie: *sniff*


In the meanwhile, you know how dogs will drop down & roll on something extra-smelly & disgusting? Here's Bingo:

If it's good enough to sniff, it's good enough to roll in.

"What's this picture of? All I see is 2 black blobs," you might be thinking. Meh. I'm being lazy. Look off to the far right, you can see the lake, if you know it's there.
Reggie still sniffy, Bingo shaking off.

Tabby at the door watching.
 Time to come in:
Reggie, tail-wagging, mouth-woofing.

I was sending a package and I went to get something and:

Tabby's new box.


I have 2 dog beds in my office and a crate:
On the bed together.

 Back Outside:
My LOVEly labyrinth.

Hullo from Reggie, Bingo trotting over.

My view as I'm walking.

 I head back into the house, and Tabby comes over:

What? You walked the labyrinth without me? 
Reggie continues to progress. He feels most safe with me in the office when I'm at my desk. He comes behind and nuzzles my hand. If I'm down on the floor with Bingo for belly rubs, he comes and licks the top of my hand. I know he wants to flip on his back for his own belly rubs, but he's just not ready. "Oh, Reggie, in another 6 months, this will be you on your back for belly rubs!" I said.

When I'm at my desk, he likes his neck massaged, which is really ropey--other massage therapists will know what I'm talking about. I can't get below his neck; if I move my hand down his back, he runs off. Poor boy. 

When I'm in the LR sitting in my chair, he no longer glues himself to the back of his crate. He stands half-way out, tail thumping against the crate. So we continue to progress. As Temple Grandin says, it's very difficult for animals to unlearn fear. So he's making progress dog-step by dog-step.  :-)  Bingo continues to be her cheerful, patient, loving self. She is so good with Reggie and is showing him how we roll. Sometimes literally! Haha  

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