Monday, June 16, 2014

Doggie Monday

In The Office
Tabby in his spot.

Bingo lounging at the door, Reggie peeking in.

I was asking my self why I took this picture. And then I remembered: "Well, Self. 'member that bowl?" Oh yeah! Now I remember. I had a bowl with a piece of apple & peanut butter. Bingo licked the peanut butter off the bowl and all AROUND the apple.  


"Now go away."

Another of Tabby's spots: by my chair.
 Bingo In The Kitchen
This is so cute; Bingo was sitting behind my friend Joy who was visiting. 


And then I realized: Hmmm, no pix of Joy!  Oops.
 Vizzie to Wilton Hilton
Look at Reggie jumping up around Rita on the bed! Such progress!


Reggie on the periphery.

Happy boy.  :-)

Here comes Roy.
Not so many pix of Bingo, who was at my feet. Look at her shedding around her neck!

Reggie jumping up with Rita. He was licking her arm, but I missed the shot.

And then it was time for people dinner, so the dogs had to go out:
Not too happy about that!
 And then back in:

Bingo all sniffy for crumbs & morsels.

And Reggie back to his spot:

All 4 dogs: Bingo, Dana, Roy & Reggie with the glowy-eyes.

My sweet Bingo.  :-)
Look at Roy's reflection on Rita's shiny floor!

Zzzzz . . . . 

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