Monday, June 9, 2014

Doggie Monday

View out the Kitchen Window
Bingo & Reggie out sunning themselves.

Waggy Boy.

Happy girl.
 Bingo in her dirt patch that she's found--or created!

 She makes this funny groany-moany sound as she's doing this!

Reggie peeking out:

"Wanna play, Bingo?"

"No."  Hahahaha

Beef Marrow Bones

I need my telephoto lens to get Reggie. But here he is licking his lips!

I took a long weekend and went to Cape Charles, my new favourite beachy-type place. Bingo & Reggie went to the Wilton Hilton. Here's Reggie in the car:

He gets so excited!
 This is the first thing Bingo does:
*sigh*  Because clearly, she's starving!
 Roy coming saying hello:

Reggie in the back yard:
So happy to see his friends!

Dana comes to say hello, but . . . NOM NOM NOM
 I had to go back home & get Rita's chicken that I had gotten her, after I had brought the dogs into the house. Rita wasn't there. When I got back, I looked in to the garage thru the door from Rita's bedroom, and there were Reggie and Dana wrestling on the dog beds. What I didn't see was that Bingo was sitting at the the top of the steps on the other side of the door. Rita says that's where she sits when she's in the garage and she can't come into the house. Bingo started whining when she saw me. I felt so bad!  I'm sorry I'm leaving you. Now, I'm sure if Rita were there, she wouldn't have been whining!  But oh, it tugged at my heart strings.

Pick Up From The Wilton Hilton
Rita wasn't home. Here's Bingo ready to come in!

Hi Reggie!

Here's Dana at the other door. She knows what's coming . . . .
And Roy.

I didn't let them in straight away, so Bingo & Reggie came over to the other door!

All our children.
 It's a whole production to wrangle the dogs--keeping Dana & Roy out while I get Bingo & Reggie in. And then this:

Reggie jumps right on to Rita's bed!

And I'll leave you with this sad picture of Dana:
Sorry I have to take your friends away. See you next time!

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